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  • I love it

    Kinda makes me think of Goon

  • proper tune!

  • it's actually the beginning of winter m8 ;)

  • Um.

    -1 Co-authors what

    Amazing tho!

  • Republished


  • whoa. nice! I love those bass pulses <3 could the piano/arp be a little crisper/brighter tho?

    that's the only crit I can honestly give it, this slaps

    • I agree! I think that helped quite a bit. Nice job!

    • i gave them more low mids and boosted the volume. i think it did the trick to make them sound more present :)

    • If you set a filter to the signal try using keyboard tracking to highlight either the low end or the high end whichever you prefer

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  • Beautiful. Proper after hours stuff. Would buy the record if I could!

    • It's all fun and games until you have to cut it on vinyl

    • siiick!

    • Ayee let's go!

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  • more

    i need more

  • Beautiful and so clean

  • this is so good damn!

  • nice atmosphere :D

  • Aye singles! Congratulations man!

  • OOooooo

  • Good to see you where you belong. There is hope

    • didn't get what you meant until i saw this in the charts. thanks mate 😊

  • when the bass comes in... so good mate!