Icebox: I had lots of fun on this collab with Vad, tho I gotta apologize to him cuz the vocals took WAYYYY too long hahahah. Most of the credit goes to Vad tho, apart from the vocals and the drop saws, he made everything else. Please support him by giving him a follow! He's a truly underrated artist!


Vadym's Day: Thank you Icebox for the vocals <33

This song was supposed to be a Chillstep, but then we had an idea to make a Future Bass, because it is hotter now hehe. Make sure to follow Icebox too, so you can't miss more HOT music :D

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  • Back!! :D

  • OMG I love your voice and the song.

  • Republished

    Remix privileges are open again lmao

  • mind blown

  • 378 <3

  • What did you use for the guitar? is it a sample or did you use something like

    It just sounds amazing!

  • Great work! The drop saws sound a bit thin and bright imo.

  • This music still gaining likes thank you so much <3

  • great work guys

  • Whoooa. This is actually amazing!

    I think this made me realize exactly how much room I really have for improvement. ;-;

    Anyways, absolutely stellar job! You guys are amazing!

  • chord progression

  • Republished

    Hi favoriters of the track Fly away and this is small announcement to this track.

    This track is now turned to a non-remixable track.

    We saw this track have been stolen by @tyr̿̿ , so for avoid more for storing track, we'll turn off remix permissions.

    If you want to remix this song, please, contact with me or with @Icebox , we'll try to give you a link to remix this track

    Stolen track:

    User: @tyr̿̿

    Cheers :)

    -Vadym's Day

    • Nice choice vad, nice choice

  • What is that click during the drop? I think its meant to be percussion but it feels very out of place

    • Yup, its in the vocal chops perds, lmao. Dk how to fix that haHHHAHAHAHAHAH

    • I think that artifact is coming from vocal chops, I'm NUT sure XD

    • Its like, right after the snare

  • does vocals, will haunt me... why was it so hard to make a new song our of them? Maybe the drop vocals are weird

    Those vocals are my cup of tea tho i love them

    • U dun have to use all the vocals from the same song, u can do a mashup lmap

      Tho thats hard since most songs in my album are in different keys hahahaahah

    • lmao

    • because of 2:11 i gotta find to find different vocals xD

      teh high pitch is off just enough to kill my ocd