making a bass out of the bassline because its in the name

00:32 perdition style ayyy


@(Lurk)oden , your move

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  • tf is a meat cop

  • dayum

  • I may have just nutted, just a bit.......juuuuuuuusssttt....a bit OWO

    • aw he deleted his comment, now the redditor joke doesnt make sense :(

    • ok redditor

  • Miserere usually gives me goosebumps, not this time though

    • i too enjoy listening to miserere on a daily basis

    • don't get me wrong, I fav'ed for the bass. But I commented because more people should know about that piece

    • lolll i love how ur more interested in the meme i put at the end

      i dont mind it, i just find it hilarious XDD

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  • Very stronk bass @Vulkron I approve :ok_hand:

    Prepare for a rebuttal, with little ol' me and little ol' Space ;)

    • tsk tsk tsk baaad client

    • @Client It doesn't sound similar all the time actually (trust me I know) and what's wrong with using the same effects chain? The goal is to simply make a bass out of something, not create a unique sounding bass. Though to prevent future nonsense and hissy fits, I'll change my effects chain each and every time I make a bass.

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  • Ree

  • that bass go brr

  • Eleleleleleleleleleliminate!




    Time to make tesla dubstep

  • jfhirj gerhti tycrh34 5yu34riu2i3 yueguqhejk 34tjh43 hhw4igr02igey93ghru45u trioyqwueputothrqk;luwpihioehtpethwuio rhuoweuorhweuih - translation:

    N O I C E

  • Republished

    made the kick and snare l o u d e r

  • this is gonna chart for absolutely no reason