One of my biggest tracks yet.


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  • Still the best trap track on this site, so good

  • We need to get this on the charts

    • oh wait I forgot lol, well good luck trying

    • You've gotta be joking, ofc it can.

    • this shit was made 3 years ago can old songs even chart at this point?

  • Holy fuck

  • god i keep comin back dawg

  • gasss gass

  • i can you've been smokin some of that w a c c y t o b a c c y

    • this dude on some b o o g e r s u g a r

    1 more
  • Christ that's huge

  • what in the flying fuck

    you gotta open remix cuz im so damn confused how this track was even thought of

  • still absolutely crazy

  • refav

  • Damn son

  • f l a w l e s s

  • Bro this is insane! Nice job.

  • i still can't believe that this is all done in audiotool

  • Sorry if I sound like a complete noob, but I am lol How did you get that detuned sound on the arp?

    • below the oscillators you can fine tune each one. the knob says "tune" i think or pitch