chords are a bit raw

feel free to remix if your comp can handle it XD

<3 <3

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  • 2016 DAMN THATS OLD FOR AT and its still this good after that many years and i just found this

  • this is just wow to me i love this

  • great beat!!!!

  • since 2018 this song has helped me out loads

  • Dang it. Remix don't work NOOOOOOOOO

  • bro this is 6 years old this year wtf

  • holy holly this is good :>

  • Epic

  • really good

  • omggg this things is so freaking gooodddddd!!!!!!!! I can't stop lisening to this!!!!!

  • @STAGEFRIGHT i remember first listening to this song when i was 11 years old and you posted a comment with a pornhub link that led to the bee movie on pornhub and being the 11 year old that i was i didn't know what porn was and i clicked on the link and thats when i lost my innocence

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  • 800th

  • holy fuck i love this

  • good

  • yeah no remix doesnt work. tocka can you like, post a message into the bug board asking the devs to fix it or is it unfixable, or can someone do it oooor-...