Two ideas crudely stitched together, I tried a chorus - bridge - chorus idea but it got really long so settled for this.

It's been way too long since I published anything! I sttarted this almost 4 months ago and finally got the time to work on it a bit more, hopefully I'll have time to work on another draft as well :)

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  • i love this so much glad this was featured, you are amazing and you got a great talent

  • this is so incredible, I feel like that young fool that was listening to deadmau5 again, even though that was not so long ago, still...

    • to me this seems so long ago as well haha

  • so damn clean man wtf

  • i usually try to give crit but i don't think crit is possible with this one, simply breathtaking

  • Nice track:)

  • I love this so much. Gah, I should have been following you so long ago, jeez

  • Such a lovely track

  • very nice welcome back!

  • ayyy nice :D

  • really cool work, very sparkly

  • fuckin Y E S weve been waitin so long aaaa im so happy this is so beautofl <3

  • my prog house idol

  • God I remember watching your AT tutorials getting inspired by your methods of mass destruction. This is just an entirely new level, like, it's mixing old 2013-2014 progressive house with new age Audial ideas, and this is bliss. Good stuff, seriously

  • I like it.Not easy to get this kind of House groove without loops

    • yes I know ;) that's why I corrected my statement. I mean bass and stuff

    • I do have a cheeky drum loop in the back ;)

    • I meant music loops not drum loops.

  • good to see you around

    • The chords seemed fine to me, but I guess I'm not using my headphones so I'll check in about that later. :)

    • I am always a little wary of getting a warped perception after hearing it on repeat so many times so not too suprised that it sounds a little odd on the first listen haha

    • i like the vibe of this one a lot, although the chords are a bit hard to follow at first