Life is hitting hard on me

Taking me down time after time

Why do you keep doing this?

Don't I deserve more?

Probably not ...

But I want to believe I do

Years I've been poisoning myself

Taking the blame on me

You never even knew

And now you know, you don't really seem to care

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  • Pa paoo... mighty sounds...

  • crazy stuff

  • Awesome, Dude!!! Glad to hear that time hasn't brightened the darkness. Some killer stuff going on here.

  • This is a spicy one :D

  • we needed this

  • yes yes yeeeees

  • Republished

    Enabled download and remix options + some minor level adjustments

  • This is flawless. Always mesmerized by your talent man

    • Always a pleasure to get this comments from u

  • agree with @Jordi Moragues , the sound design in this is absolutely off the charts, whacky and wonderful

    • Thx allot my friend. Means allot coming from you

    • the sound design blended with the 6/4 and criminal undertones makes this a masterpiece, grats man!

  • yess new etrim

  • Yeah man, freaky cool, love it ;)

  • Awesome! I espacially like the eerie sounds. Really well done soundscape! The outro could be music for a horror or thriller movie ;)

  • Your sound design is out of this world. Congrats!

    • Now i just need to work on song structure, mixing, mastering, melodies and the rest :D

  • oooh nice

  • heeeeeeeee's bbaaaaackkkkkkkk <3 <3