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  • jesus christ has it really been almost 3 years since this existed

    gawd dang... i remember first hearing this, too- just the beginning melody set me into a whole 'nother world

    3 years later and it still holds a fat striking PUNCH. GUHH


  • 100 at last

  • holy good lord jesus

    the beginning up to the drop feels so atmospheric yet dramatic??

    i don't know how you made this, but i seriously applaud you deeply

    oh and the ending made me A S C E N D

  • whenever I want to piss off my neighbors, I come here and crank this shit <3

    TL;DR: they moved out.

  • there needs to be more music like this on audiotool

  • yea fuck that I aint competing anymore lmao

    • nvm i'm stupid as hell

      i reread the rules and i think i misunderstood so it should be fine

    • @pigpen besides, if he did that, you could just download this track, upload it as a sample, slap it in a thingy, and call it a second entry. Boom. Loophole.

      You won. Just accept it. It is your destiny

    • I don't care how many orange potties he has. I'll do it

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  • too many favs

    • preposterous! you can never be too preposterous!

    • Preposterous! You can never have too many favs!

  • the sub-bass feedback from the relief on my sub makes my curtains dance <3

  • best remix i've ever heard! FUCKING INSANE X0!!!!

  • lovely sound design and mixing

    • I bet he just made all those words up

    • i cannot argue with that

    • drum transients are clear, synths cut through but don't overpower, gain staging is good, big mix, love the hihat mixing especially, it at least sounds to me like good subtractive eqing and compression work, stereo work is good. suck my ass

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  • This is so god damn angry I could punch a bowling ball

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  • whoa.

  • Republished