Finally, the album is complete! I feel like this track really fit as the ending of Bubblee, the story of all the precious people that I met in my life, coming into a resonating conclusion of moving on from my losses. thank you so much to naut for letting me put my own spin on his inspiring track, it was truly my honor!


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  • bop

  • Only thing I'd say is make the percussion tighter in the mix because it somehow sounds like it's in front of the mix instead of back of the mix.

    • Yah thats smth i hadnt mastered at this point, but yah ill eventually learn how to work with drums in the mix hahah, thx for feedback!

    • More reverb and less high end on the vocals would be nice, also should've mentioned not to make it super punchy, but a tad punchy.

  • great vocals! very very nice work on this

    • Thanks for the love tho!

    • Hahaah actually my vocals here are p bad compared to my other tracks hahahah

  • I like this

  • this is good

  • i like the track but the vocals are not my piece of cake, they are really pitchy at some points

    • Lol not my piece of cake? You mean cup of tea??

    • true man, I cringe at some parts XD may consider doing a VIP in the future ;)

  • ...when those drums come in, I might suggest cutting a half measure off, I think there's too many kicks in there.

    04:34 yeah definitely like one too many hits. Maybe try a snare as well? seems a bit redundant with the kick

    04:58 maybe do something like this? that was cool

    • Still way better than I could do lol I'm just tryna be a cheerleader lol

    • Yah this isnt my best lmao, even in terms of vocals ill admit i sucked here hahahah

  • like a cherry on my favorite ice cream, this certainly wraps the album up nicely

    except 02:24 . That vocal thing. total buzzkill, no offense.

    Also do you take vocal lessons or anything like that? just curious if you are training/practicing, cuz you should be, not because you're bad but because you're good, and I'd love to see you reach full potential, if that makes sense haha

    Liked the break at 04:05 , but it was too long, by one measure I think, and it came in sorta off beat...

  • wow!!! sorry I'm late, as always haha..

    Sorry if I disappointed by not managing to take part in this as an actual collab, I'm terrible most of the time. But I must say that I really like what you've done with the track. Such good energy, unlike how the original winds down, this one really lifts up instead and it feels great!

    You really are a one-man powerhouse that can do it all! From laying down a proper drum track, and tracking great vocals, to arranging it all nicely, it's no small feat!

    • thanks naut!!!!! means so much coming from you!!!

  • especially good job on the drums wow! A very healthy amount of variation, a nicely put together kit, and the mixing is quite good as well!!

  • holy fuck those chords and the piano sound so good

    • I don't think there's a piano tho hahahahahha

      but thanks for the support!

  • great job <3

  • that mix is really niceee

  • Republished

    final version, hope y'all like it! this concludes my Bubblee album