Cover of track Almost Sorta 400-ish remix comp (updated prizes) by Auxilor (moved)
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Auxilor (moved), Almost Sorta 400-ish remix comp (updated prizes)


Remix Comp!


Rules are simple:

1) Keep the chords, but you can pitchshift them and change them a bit

2) Originality is a BIG ++ for me

3) Keep the lead if you want, but I would prefer if you changed it because its fucking gay and sounds like BTEC oldskool avicii

4) Change the cover art because its gay af

5) Don't use the same synths I did because they're fuckin retarded

[OPTIONAL] Make it a full track (at least 1:50 ). You don't have to but i'd prefer if you did


Title it whatever you want, I don't care.

Have Fun!

(Due date: 15th October) but that might change


Winner gets bragging rights idk

2nd and 3rd get in the winners album and get a follow

I’ll put the winners album on spotify too

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