Latest track of the Metamorphosis Album. Vehemont Euphony wasn't a random name I chose. Vehemont meaning strong feeling or passionate, meanwhile euphony means the quality of being pleasing to the ear. I wanted to create a strong feeling of travel and wonder that is pleasing to the ear, euphoric, or pleasant to listen to. Enjoy a more atmospheric approach to house music with a blend of other elements. Feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and listening to my work :)

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  • Hey lito, I was wondering if I could have a look at how you did the background synth at 1:56 - 2:01 in the left ear? It is for an Ableton project I am making. Our tracks happen to be in the same key, and I've been trying to make an element like that, when I realized unconsciously I was taking inspiration from this very track. We can talk in discord if need be. Or maybe explaining it here would be better?

    • Hit me up on Discord and we can call later after work

    • I think showing the draft in a discord call would be more appropriate for you

    • I can just open remix later when I get home. Or I'll call you on discord after work and show you the draft

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  • great stuff man!

    my only crit would be about the noise riser/faller - idk if it's just a matter of taste but it is slightly too piercing in the high freqs imo. slightly turning down the resonance (or a simple lowpass?) would soften it

    • I'm not sure what you're listening on but it doesn't sound like a problem for me on my end. I can always eq it

  • listening on my laptop speakers and the pads take the show. Sounds great on crappy speakers, but I'll make sure and listen on my regular monitors soon

  • You are one of those artists that never fails to try something new and hit a home run

  • fuckkkkk i missed thisss

  • Uhh What a track !!

    Really great job !

  • whoa

  • Really awesome! Sounds very professional!

    Great reverb and delay!

  • Beautiful piece, has such a euphoric yet soothing tone to it. Very pleasing listen, love this

  • Wow, amazing job!

  • awesome production!

  • I'm really glad you all enjoy this! I know it's been a while since I published a full track :)

  • this is just..... amazing......... legit no comment great enough for it

  • Very nice

  • Lush sound design, i think you could have more dynamic drums though, something jon hopkins, mac cooper or rob clouth like

    • You've just helped me figure out how to turn this into a possibly 8 min track with 2 more extra drops. Thank you

    • The drums or hats?