naswalt inspired track here... 2nd last track in my upcoming album... hope y'all like some synthwave!


Verse 1:

Sitting here on this wooden shelf

Only thinking about you

Look at me, look at yourself

What are we going to do

All I’m asking is for your return

Is there anything wrong, is there nothing to learn

Pre Chorus:

Oh I hate how you just straight up abandoned my justification

And paved the way for my own petrification

Did you love me at all

Or did you usher my fall


Why’d you have to go so soon

Was it all not enough (was it all not enough)

Can’t you bring back the light in the moon

Did you forget about us (did you forget about us)

Was it all not enough (was it all not enough)

Did you forget about us (did you forget about us)

Verse 2:

Crying here in an alleyway

Hurt from what you have done

Leading all my feelings astray

And I even thought you were the one

All I wanted was for you to see

That we could’ve been more, than what you wanted to be

Pre Chorus:

Oh I hate that you convinced me to follow your path to destruction

And made me a puppet to breed deconstruction

Did you love me at all

Or did you incite our brawl

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  • Yea hahahuhuha R E F A V


  • Refav

  • wAveYY

  • why have i not heard this? this gassss

    • aye hahahah you have found one of my older tracks XD

  • my mind at four am be like

    dude i love these vibes so much

  • do u sing it

  • oh wow, this is really good, I do love some good synthwave! lol I tried synthwave once and I found its pretty hard, but you did a great job!

  • is synthwave really that dead that this is charting again

    • yikess-

      i didnt know at's charts were like that

    • oooo I've had a lot of my tracks do that

      and i mean A LOT

    • how does a track re-chart tho-

  • I feel like the intro needs more elements going on. I'm talking around 00:00 - 00:21 , but other than that everything else sounds very professional.

    • but rid of the harsh frequencies, and adjust the settings so it's smoother.

    • You could actually use a de-esser in the sidechain to boost those frequencies.

    • Oh yah, this was the first time i used quasar, so i had the intention of literally just drowning the vocals in reverb xD as for the static noise, its probably sibilance from the s's in the song, the highs were boosted a bit so the s sound sounds more static ig hahah

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  • wow. this gives me fm-84 vibes. love this!

    • no problem dude! at needs more artists like you. keep up the great work

    • Damn bro, to get a fav from you, and a follow too, an absolute honour man. One of the most talented vocalists that have been hidden from my knowledge these past few months! Thanks man! Looking forward to more of your tracks!

  • This song is awesome, I should be giving it the same praise I gave Falling. Same to a lot of your other tracks on the Bubblee album, I should just sit down and listen to the whole thing at some point...

    • Alright, thanks dude! Hopefully I'll find time soon, I'm currently working on an essay (that I probably won't finish tonight)

    • Ayyy i could give u tips, tho im not the BEST at synthwave, i do have ezperience hahaha

      Just hit me up on my wall anytime ;)

    • Is there any tips you could give me on how to make synthwave tracks? I'm planning to attempt a synthwave track at some point, hopefully soon.

  • I cant believe I surpassed valentine's play count on my own with this song