This was a song i made "Home" that i just never made the cut for me.

Last time i did guitar, this time i chose some piano.

I left the vocals pretty much untouched (with the exception of some light pitch correction and deser) so you have a lot of room for creative exploring.



1. the remixed song has gotta be at least "noticeable" to the original. You don’t have to use all of the samples lol

2. don't just remix the track (or someone else's remix) and call it your own. thats just some pee pee poo poo stuff right there

3. hAvE fUnNNnnN UwU



- Piano progression: C,D,E,C,D,E,G

- BPM: 100

- KEY: uhHuuH *music theory brain power* Eminor...?

- Samples: Piano, Ambient vox, Poet's Vox

- I HAD ADLIBS AND BACKING MELODIES- but i want to hear what beats yall make so i took em out



[DEADLINE - i was originally going to go live on insta to review all submissions and pick a winner BUT there are SOOOO MANY to go through XD i think i'll just make a spread sheet and come up with a verdict April 4th]

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  • Very beauti.

  • a bit late and not for the contest, but it was fun working on this.

  • It's this one!

  • Question can you put the lyrics down, please?

  • hey po9t can i use my remix of this on soundcloud?

  • you mind if i try to do something in fl and chuck it on soundcloud? this has so much potential

    • thank you man of course ill do that x

    • as long as i'm mentioned somewhere as the vox artist i'm fine with that

  • you a talented man

  • Can i remix this one?


  • im months late but i'll still do it

  • Never knew this existed. Will look out for it in the future. The only vocal remix I ever did on here was a joke/meme wherin I pretty used his voice to the extreme. I remixed Infyuthsion's advertisement here: I'll mix/master your track.(Qua-Z Remix)

  • who won in the end then lol

    • I made a track called “poet remix competition results”

  • oOoO free vocals

  • hoppin on dis for fun wish me luck

  • btw i have an "entry"

    but it didnt make the deadline because im trying to make it as dope as possible & i dont rly care about winning lol