I think we kinda just went all out on this one :D

Pretty much just a mashup of new and old melodies :P Enjoy my guys :D <3


Comment below which part was your fav :D :D

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  • minecraft youtube channel intro/outro

    • school news end of the year slide show background music

    • how to youtube video background music

    • drone youtube video background music

  • meat

  • i love the 1st one!

  • still my fav vulkronix <3

  • this is so crunchy and satisfying wtf, especially on the first 2 drops

  • one of the most satisfying basslines on the site.


  • omgggg

  • im just a begginer

  • But forget about the last part of this song, don't sell that lol.

  • Now Vulk, I don't want to see you anymore and ill be happy about that because ill know that u got up, made some money and became famous. Not that your songs are bad, they are great. Just really. On audiotool. Get a copyright on stuff like this. Do a live mix. Put it on iTunes and Spotify. Get the money u deserve.

  • Vulkron why won't you be a musician and make music on spinning records or monstercat?

    • I read a story about a guy who threw 100 bucks at an ad sponsor and made hundreds of thousands of views and follows in the next 3 months. Two months after that he got invited to a record label and that skyrocketed to millions in the next 6 months.

      Just proves what you can do in less than a year. If it weren't that easy with the effort it takes, maybe it'd be worth doing. Views and records are worth nothing. It's the real fans that matter. Fans you find on communities like this.

    • u just said a synonym of the same thing three times in a row

    • on god no cap fr lol

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  • Two of the biggest legends of EDM and electro music on AT collabing...

    only fire can come outta that!!!

  • Mfw these are just Synthonix song melodies that were already made

    • grumpy fuck lmao

    • @acloudyskye I thought they meant unused, being old and new melodies in the works but never actually published

    • we just chucked them in for fun dude, they ended up taking centre stage somehow xD

      all the original melodies made their way to the other collab so that should please you lmao

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  • please what is that bass at the drop at 0:30

    • whenever i use a preset ill usually mess with a few of the settings on the heisen, just so im not getting the exact same sound. That being said, i dont remember which settings I changed. But what I did add was distortion and detune. You can use the waveshaper for distortion, and you can use either the red detune pedal, the chorus pedal, the flanger,or a few others for detuning.

    • wtf howd u make it sound so good tho it sound weird without the automation and mixing what u use just asking :)

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