Cover of track when u eat a bomb ass chiken dipper by synthonix
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synthonix, when u eat a bomb ass chiken dipper


~ inspired by astrale, moo and savor ~



im back




so my exams finish towards the end of june aaaand hopefully this sample mayonnaise will be sorted by then, ive taken a long enuf break and im starting to feel creative again c:


shoutout magnesium for flicking my nips and gettin me back to music :>


ill see what i can do by remixing old tracks or just anally prolapsing some drafts i haven't finished so the sample stuff shouldn't affect me too much ^^


did this shit in a 2 hour sitting kms, i remixed gravitate (cuz it had the snare i wanted) and redid the basses from scratch and changed the chord synths completely, i just wanted the setup and the snare therefore its not a VIP really


but yeah i've put at back on my bookmarks bar, so ill be much more active from now (means after or between exams) hmu ive missed you guys ffs :')


enjoy <3

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