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If you want my opinion on anything for some reason post it on my wall.
My split personality is : Epic EDM Megamix, and generic electric chill.
DONT even THINK about trying to have a conversation with me if you are not compatible with the Pisces star sign.
It would also help me greatly if you made the effort to support my Gemini moon sign
I am a type 9 enneagram and an ISFP-A, so if you think you are on my level, don't even try to speak to me because I am an adventurer of peace.
As someone who was born in the year of the goat, it is super important for anyone sending tracks my way to make sure they don't include the numbers 4, or 9, or blue or black, because they are the opposite of what my spiritual connections want to come towards my way.
If you want to be diagnosed with something psychological, go no further, as a psychology student I would be so grateful to psychoanalyse you.
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