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Im done with audiotool, didnt really see the point here, i never got my tracks out their for people, Bye

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  • bruh all your basses are dope but just sidechain please xD

  • I can defo do deep house and I listen to

    future house sometimes

  • Anyone do future or deep house i want to do a collab

  • hey welcome back!

    sure id love if you did that!

  • Check out my new track "http://www.audiotool.com/track/fo_drizzle/"

    I'll return the favor!

  • come on man! lets get started on our collab! Lets get something going! if you have a template you'd like to use, just lmk and invite me!

  • wow thanks man lol are you saying you wanna do a remix of that track (a better world) with me?

  • hey man i wanna see some ideas!! lets get working on this collab!

  • hey i sent you an invite to a second track in case you have any ideas on it. It might work better than the first one. idk. check it out! lmk

  • hey man I sent you an invite on a draft, check it out!