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had a agrument but we back to work now
N.H.B brand we hype.
the most greedys girl i have ever meet.
。@~BbnoFlexxx³~ ( alt )
Your homie from NJ just crashed the party :)
(yes i'm from jersey )
I was loving it there then we just left my friends my cousins just...disappeared i never
understanded why this had happened...Until 2015 i went to a school called charter and meet @Octane
He taught me how to use audiotool that's what i've been using for the pass year (P.S 2015 was the year
when at was alive and IT WAS LITT ) my dad got a daw for me called Fruity loops studio's and i've been using ever since .
I don't wanna get into the nitty gritty stuff now but that's only a small part of the story.
Comment if u want me to make a documentary or something
i have new songs in sound cloud even though I'm not using audio tool i use fl to make new beats i will put a link in here and don't forget to follow me on Soundcloud.
Thx momo for giving me suggestion for this name, i don't no if i'll use it all the time
but i'll try.
Discord: Vermont#2936
The Person who made this lovely logo: @MelOdic
Favorite peps (ᵔᴥᵔ):
@vadymsday (absent)
@retro - My teacher
@octane (READ DESC)
@Jetdarc - THe guy with all the best comp's
@MOOSEY ♪ - The hottest hiphop artist on at
And please no links to beats, if you want me to listen to them just ask it's not that hard
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