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YO GUYS IT IS ME NOAHB(OREOARMY/NHB) I have taken a long enough break. It is time to get back to music. My last account was deleted(by me) so all my songs were not saved except for the ones I have on Patreon. also lost my 230+ followers, so come find me! You can go check them out in the link. if u wanna collab, just ask, might be busy though
yo you can post songs on my wall but if you just put it there and say nothing, I wont listen, you gotta tell me to listen to it
I am of the male specimens lmao, new york ny, THE BIG APPLE BOI jk don't call me that xD
pride supporter, BLM, women rights matter, democrat(don't post politics on my wall, will get deleted)
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pfp change, you finish the sentence
Sorry I am a coffee addict xD pfp change! this is what i think goes along with it:
¨Oh, how I have been touched by your Silver Hand. I have been freed¨

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