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Lead Vocals: Mad Scientist Mike
Lead Guitar: Mad Scientist Mike
Bass Guitar: Mad Scientist Mike
Recorder: Mad Scientist Mike
Tenor Banjo: Mad Scientist Mike
Cowbell:Mad Scientist Mike
Drums: Mad Scientist Mike
Keyboards: Mad Scientist Mike
Weird Noises:Mad Scientist Mike
Regular Noises: Mad Scientist Mike
Programming: Mad Scientist Mike
Produced by: Mad Scientist Mike
In other words this is all original unless it says remix, if you plan to use my work please follow the license and give credit. Thanks :)
with several great artists: @Sound_Conspiracy
with the one and only SouthBronxDen (RIP bro)
with the Illustrious dronealpha: @misplace_kindhearted_damnations
newest Damnations: Night of the Living Damnations
my alter-ego: @ProvenTheory
Instruments: Electric basses, keys, drums (sequenced), acoustic & electric guitar, tenor banjo, recorder, and anything else that makes a sound
Check out my soundcloud at (link is only visible to registered users)
and my youtube, mostly old live jams: (link is only visible to registered users)
share your links to my wall (listening to my tracks first is nice ;) ), or to the community wall: @Big Brother
Thanks for listening :) :) :) :)

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