You are my kryptonite :)

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  • you made my day

  • THIS IS SO INSANELY GOOD!!!!!! Great work you two! :D

  • Well, after hearing this, i feel ashamed of myself, just listen my songs, they don't even match this😪...........

  • only @Stormdrain stacks the synths ON TOP of the centroid, that's how you can know it was him.

  • Superman listened to this.

    He is now dead

  • wait isnt kryptonite a bad thing?

  • great arrangement

  • Heyy I just wanted to say thank you all for 50 favs. <3

  • Sick

  • umm. UNDERRATED ASF! THIS IS SO GOOD. i only suggest u layer a crispier clap w the one u have. the current one is rly dry. also maybe bring in some elements in the intro, it gets a bit boring. but keep this up! :)

  • Could use some proper adjusting in the bass section because it's clipping and hard to hear the other instruments flowing well, but otherwise this is really unique. I love all the different sounds in each section.

    • Tysm!! :)

      The sectioning thing is basically all electro btw.

  • Just wow thats the best thing out of all the charts so far respect! ;w;

  • aaaaaa #2!!!!!!! ;w;

    Thank you guys!!!!

  • oh heel yeah

  • !!!!!!!!