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Hi, I'm Zach (AWENIX), from Portugal and just following the dreams being one of the original popular music artist C:
AWEN - Soul inspiration
IX - 9 (from 9 y.o. I started to inspire myself with music)
If you're up to sing my music, go ahead contact with me through Discord or Email.
Discord: AWENIX#8317 (send me a friend request, I'll accept it as soon as possible)
Gmail: awenixmusic @GMAIL .com (in the case if you want to write to me personally)
1st Goal: 50 followers (completed by @A-S-L-O )
Current Goal: 100 followers
3rd Goal: 200 followers
4th Goal: 500 followers
Note: Please, follow me truly, don't follow me just for fun, follow me exclusively if you like my music!
Don't spam in the comments.
Don't advertise anything.
Respect for each other.
For no respect, temporal mute.
Official AWENIX page.

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