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Hey, I'm Atmosphere the owner of "$ on me" my dream is to rap not just to Eminem songs or Tech N9ne but make my own music and rap to them I'm friends with @✨Lóre✨ , @rosechiken , thank so much for all of your support if you follow me ill follow you back.
@Heartbroken foxy® a really kind nice and sweet person
@Midoriya_Needs_To_Wake_Up : my friend in real life and please go follow them please get them to 20 followers and help them out
@PortCane_YouGotThatLane really funny person go follow them and is also my friend in real life
@HardXCore : someone who is SO underrated
@H.G TrappBoi✨ : really nice person he is also someone teaching me how to make music
and all of my followers thank you so much!

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