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3 ToneMatrix Challenge | Winners

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We knew it would be tough. However, we didn't expect it to be this challenging. With over 60 submissions, each one capturing the theme in its own unique way, we were thrilled.

But our goal was to determine the winners, and that's exactly what the jury did.

The three prize winners, starting with the first place:

#1 derelict by etterath

One of the jurors commented: This. Is. Gorgeous. Love the distorted melody, the mix, the breakdown arp, the noise, the grime. This belongs in Dune or Tron

Prize: 1 Sennheiser headphones HD 280 PRO and 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

#2 Crystal by Lavalamp

One opinion on this was: This got me bouncing in the stu! You created your own world here - great groove and dynamic journey- super impressed woah! I honestly want to listen again before bed and get lost in it- so so good! Nice work on the art too! haha

Prize: 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

#3 The Mighty Matrix (Client Entry) by cory

It was said about this: This is insane—super elaborate routing/snapshot. And super layered sonically—puts you in a trance

Prize: 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

Congratulations to all three of you!!!

Please send your t-shirt sizes and shipping addresses to team[@]audiotool.com

Starting today, you can also find the complete ranking on the Summer Games page. Here's a sneak peek of the top 10 in Challenge 1. https://www.audiotool.com/summer-games

You can listen to all entries here: Connect >> News >> CLOSED | Audiotool Summer Games: Round 1 | Naswalt

Thank you all very much for such amazing submissions. It was a blast And don't forget to follow us on our new social accounts:



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  • nice job People

  • Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated!!! You are what makes these competitions fun and exciting! You all deserve digital pats 💜

  • freaking love it! good job all of you! :D

  • gg!

  • Someone else can have my shirt. I'll email you guys their user

    • When you received your shirt you can do with it whatever you want but the prizes are not transferable

  • All well deserved - ggz!

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