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Inspectre "Aliens" | Remix Contest | Winners

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Inspectre announces the winners of the "Aliens" Remix Contest

Last week, our first remix contest since the lifting of the sample length restriction came to an end. We teamed up with the Berlin-based band Inspectre, who provided us with the stems of their track "Aliens". And you took advantage of this opportunity.

Nearly 50 awesome submissions made it difficult for the Inspectre guys to make a decision. As a result, instead of one, they chose two tracks that made it onto their upcoming EP. And they are: Inspectre - Aliens [Jays Mix Chapter #01] #short by JayFK and Inspectre - Aliens (Mr. Outside Remix) by Mr. Outside Congratulations from our side.

All that's left is for us to thank Inspectre for taking the time to listen to and evaluate all the remixes. We wish you all the best for your future career.

And of course, our heartfelt thanks to all of you for once again raising the bar for the delivered quality. You are a blast.

Stay tuned. We're already working on the stems for the next contest.

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  • I Lost My Chance to Win

  • not surprised I didn't win, I basically rushed the remix.

  • congrats to the winners!

  • Congrats fo the winners. Thanks for the mention 🫡

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  • Shoot yea for real man. Congrats on the Win my friend. And yea there were a lot of good remixes. I was honestly thinking Snadbrugen was gonna take the win on this one, but I know you'll treasure this moment in time my friend. Real Happy for ya homie..Keep it up...

    • At some point, I will have gotten over it. 😉

  • So happy to see two dark horses take the win!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks @Inspectre for the honourable mention <3

  • Congrats to you both!

  • Wooow congrats to the winners !

  • Thank you so much Inspectre and Audiotool!!!! I'm absolutely speechless and feel so honored to have been chosen as one of the winners ❤️

    The contest was a blast and it was inspiring to see so many awesome and creative takes from my fellow Audiotoolers on the stems we were provided XD

  • phat wwwwww

  • This was so unexpected, I never expected it. There were so many brilliant entries...

    thanks to "Inspectre"!!!

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  • congratulations