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Sound Design Challenge | Winners

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Here are the winners of the 9th and penultimate challenge of this year's Summer Games.

As it was a challenge with two parts, the winners are determined by the combined points from the two challenges.

Nevertheless, we don't want to withhold the winners of the individual tasks from you.

The winners of the Piano Challenge by po9t are:

#1 naswalt : Audiotool Summer Games Challenge 9a

#2 retro² : piano test 1 (9a)

#3 yito ☮ : Po9ts Grand Piano Challenge Entry

sila s Pulsar Delay Challenge emerged victorious:

#1 retro² : 9b

#2 Qua-Z : Metamorphasis [9b challenge]

#3 brain-walker and Wasa share the spot with their entries Challenge 9b - DubBeat on Pulsar Delay and 9B

Due to the point distribution in the two challenges, the final results are as follows:

#1 retro²

#2 brain-walker

#3 yito ☮


The total points will be updated on the leaderboard throughout the day: https://www.audiotool.com/summer-games

The results of the 10th and final challenge are currently being processed, and the winners will be announced next week.

Starting tomorrow, we will begin the survey to find your fan favorite, which will also be announced next week.

If all this is not enough for you, a new challenge awaits you starting next week. So, stay tuned!

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  • This sounds really cool also where do you go to make your music I’m new here

    • Welcome to Audiotool. Click "studio" in the menu above

  • Holy Shit! I finally got second place on an official challenge and I didnt even know. This is a good day. Good job everyone. Twas fun.

  • I didn't even know I scored 3rd. Nice! Hell yeah.

    • It is a bit odd though tbh. The synth I created sounds ok around the middle and lower notes. Even in the other entries the highs were really difficult to achieve accurately. Makes me want to explore more.

    • Yeah. Congrats! Pretty German this round ;)

      Could you send your T-Shirt size and shipping address to team @audiotool .com

  • Ayo retros a g

  • my boy retro won 3 times in one whole challenge holy heck lol

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