Intelligent Dance Music

Part 1 slow 00:00 - 09:27 Part 2 fast 09:27 - 17:37

All effects are built real time not sampled.

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  • i don't think this one will get old

    • factual statement, this one is so gnarly

    • smart

    • Just checking in, it didn't. Bruh u have fortune-teller skills!

  • this is so insane how have i only just now discovered this!?

  • this is the kind of stuff i still am working my butt off to hopefully accomplish someday I swear

    • yet again, i applaud mr AI man for achieving such sounds that will forever leave me impressed and shocked for years to come smh

    • its an aggressive feeling expressing just how far this man can go with site and sound in general, and just leaves a very telling testament that he doesn't care about what he's going for, he just DOES IT. HE JUST DOES ITTTTTTTT

    • after months since i first listened to this, I'm still appalled and amazed from how absolutely game-changing you accomplished with these sounds

      these are sounds that just leave me... everywhere.

  • My brain is having a really hard time to process the last 40 mins of listening to inclusive data and this. This is out of this world

  • HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

  • whenever I listen to your tracks I always think "i wanna do stuff like this" but then I remember I would have no fucking clue where to start.

  • i know exactly how to dance to this

  • niiiccee

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  • I hear time.

  • the snap is absolute insanity

  • best IDM on here

  • Amazing work

  • wooooow! very intricate!

  • now this is some funky ass shit

  • The setup picture should be on a gigantic Billboard advertising the Audiotool Booster. Somewhere in the Middle of Nebrasca

    • Sitting in the tattoo studio right now . They have problems with the cables at the moment. But they say it's all good, my thighs are big enough when I squeeze them

    • or on a t shirt I would buy it (or any audiotool merch really)