Full version of my remix of SYNRGY's melody. I deleted the old track, cuz for some reason I couldn't change the photo. anyways, this track was heavily inspired by Astrel. It's not exactly his style of FB, because I also used my style in this song. I'm dedicating this to Leslie, a friend of mine who recently passed away. RIP up there man, sad that you're not here to listen to this.


This song will be going into my soon-to-come debut album, so stay tuned for that.


This song is actually an entry for 25 Followers Remix Comp[CLOSED] if you still didn't get that from the top half haha. Please do join SYNRGY's comp, he's a really underatted artist!

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  • Apart from my new remix of poet's track, this still has to be hands down my best future bass track yet. When I was in the peak of my creativity and my vocal ability. Miss these times

    • This song brings back so many good memories :)

  • Nostalgia 100%

  • Coming back to this- still amazing. I got chills man.

    • Hahahaah i forgot u did xD

      Thanks again hahaah

      I'll be dropping my new album soom

    • Yeah of course I'm still listening- I bought the song lmao

    • Damm u still listening xD

  • kind want to remix this

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    • Uh i couldn't xD

      I didn't know how to work with vocals back then, i've been practicing. then i forgot about this

    • We never did T^T

    • we never got that :(

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  • You have a SEXY voice and I'm a guy so wow


    • Lmao even on hiatus how tf am i still charting

  • How did this not win the comp?!

    • Hahah cuz ER's was better ;)

  • This is great man!!

  • ayyyyy it finally crossed 1 K as I was sleeping yesterday, thanks to everyone!

  • This is gonna be my first solo track to hit 1k, also my first FB track to hit 1k lmao, guess y'all like it that much hahahahahah idk why tho, cant relate, ive listened to my voice so many times i cringe at this shit xD

  • Holy fuck I'm in love with this song...

    • No, thank you for bringing such a delight to my ears :D

      Btw I'm working on little concepts and stuff for the draft right now- well, I'm planning to hop off soon because my Chromebook is low on battery, but I love what's on there so far!

    • Oh my god you actually bought it, thank you!

    • Finally bought this damn song XD it's just that good

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  • 770 plays, wth O_O

    lemme guess, trap kids will be targetting this song to steal next -_-

    • xD

    • the trap kids can't steal the songs as long as someone doesn't say they'll steal it ;>

    • oh shit my bad @berilia , sorry

      lemme guess, trap kids will NOT be targetting this song next to steal :free real estate guy emote:

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  • ...yeah this is definitely gonna win XD

    • Lmao, maybe? Maybr not hahahah its all up to @SYNRGY xD

    • yeah icebox literally dominated all the other people's remixes lol