Cover of track Fluent's trapkid challenge by Fluent
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Fluent, Fluent's trapkid challenge


I thought i'd host a contest that I haven't seen done yet. Everyone seems to make the same thing for every challenge: adding a trap beat to what is provided. I am asking you to do the opposite.

before we go further: 50 dollar reward to the winner. Note that if no entry satisfys me, there will be no winner. (2nd and third place yet to be decided)

Provided is an 8 measure 808 loop, along with a beat


1. You cannot change the drum loop or 808 loop

what does this mean, you ask?

2. You must MAKE YOUR OWN MELODY(s) to complete the track. Note, you can be as creative as you want

3. You can mix and master the drums and 808 as you like... however the loops must remain the same in terms of pattern and key

also: as long as these patterns remain untouched in certain parts of your track, you can alter them for other sections, such as hooks choruses, and so on

that's all I can think of for now

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