heisten is super underrated and it was a joy to work with him on this


easter is soon and have a good time with the favorite of all egg layers, ya boi yung y0$h!


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  • Cool bro

  • the mixing is so perfectly delicate

  • cool

  • 2022 VIP

  • I wish this song was on Spotify

    • its on soundcloud

      but yea Ive always seen this as embr's so he would have to upload it to spotify

  • damn this is still so crazy

  • i missed seeing this as something common.

  • christ on a bike

    • dont worry

      you bee fine

      christ on a bike is comin to saave u

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  • for me the best song from audiotool, it brings me very good memories about my life, you are two legends of audiotool, it made me through this song feel many good things, I hope you read this message and be grateful :)

  • Such a sick beat, y'all. Nice Job with this. It make me feel those dinosaur friend vibes!

  • Sooooo gooood

  • refav. Still one of my all time favorite songs on here

  • goddamit, this brings back so many memories of when i first started this site

  • srsly never gets old

  • huge fukin throwback