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  • back for another listen.. good stuff

  • oh dude...what

  • 100% USDA certified organic produce!

    • My pleasure. I hadn't heard the original, but this is very nice.

    • Thank you very much. I'm trying to fix all my old tracks. I made it 4 years ago, as you can see in the top :)

    • Love it!

  • Republished

    Fixed the bass

  • damn throwback

  • Nice!!!! One of these days I'm just going to hit play on your page and spend the afternoon listening to all of your old tracks. :)

  • this is still amazing af bro

  • Hi!

  • nostalgiaaaaaaa

  • Idk y I just heard this song but I love it and I am going to download it.

  • still one of the best on AT man, btf <3

  • nice beat man

  • still love it.

  • ah. wow, very nice. gah. great. wooop... so chill.. baa.

  • yep, totally downloading that one, too