Hello, everyone! Welcome to ATD20!

Before you begin working, please read and understand the rules for this competition below.

- 1. All tracks must have remix enabled.

- 2. Your track must be published after the start date (nov 6th), and before the end date (dec 19th).

- 3. Remixes of other tracks are not eligible. This includes remixes of non-Audiotool tracks.

- 4. Everything must be made in Audiotool. The only exceptions are physical instruments and short one-shots that you have permission to use.

- 5. Only ONE submission per artist. If you make multiple tracks, you must specify which track you are submitting for judging before the end date.

- 6. NO samples with copyright.

- 7. Put "ATD20" in the tags. This helps us find your track.

- You don't need to title your track, but it helps us out a ton!

- Collabs are allowed!

- - - - - - - - - -

Prizes are to be announced at a later date.

- - - - - - - - - -

Audiotool Day is about making what you feel to be a representation of what you can do. This is your chance to get yourself out there and heard. Make the most of it!

You have until December 19th to submit your track. Good luck and work hard!

- @Audiotool Day



In celebration of the day of audiotool 2020, here I bring you another song full of energy and balance for your party.

with special care in the feature of each syntetizer, so that everything fits correctly (at least I think XD)

Well, without further ado, here's my entry for audiotool day. hope you enjoy it!



"All writing can be crossed out, but what has been said only remains to add."

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  • i just realized this is a perfect timelapse song :OO

  • Republished

    One more fix, I think.

  • DAMN BOI YOU TRENDING #3!!!!! FUCKING YES!!! MY MAN! good job buddy I'm proud of you :) look at that shit! almost 300 plays all on your own. You're gonna be great one day, I'm telling you! never forget it :)

    This solo entry is gonna be tough to beat. BUT CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! ;D you me and Syn, we're gonna have a nice friendly competition, and I feel that it is going to help us each grow in our own way. I'm so excited for these next two months!

    • Ayy, thank you, and yes, Let the game begin!

  • Banger:

  • It's very professional, but the mixing could be a lot better. Good job though.

    • you can do it! we're gonna get you some new hardware one day :) idc if I have to pay for it myself.

    • Thank you!!

      I'm trying to fix this, but is not so easy for me



  • I like this, this is good, this is music, music is good, good job, the job like I good a thank you

  • #3 congrats

  • Hey! 100th listener

  • it feels like there is a lot of empty room/headspace for u to fill up, in the mid-low and high, u got lows, u got mids, but nothing inbetween so it feels a tad empty...i like this a lot tho

    • I felt this too actually, the drop at around 1:04 doesnt feel powerful enough. And thats cuz there's no high frequencies. Try some top percussion like hats, rides, or cymbals

      You could also add white noise on top of your synths, just not too much :D

      ALSO, quantum

      it basically fixes everything if you use it right

    • Thank you for your feedback!!

      I tryied to fix it, But I don't know exactly how to do this.

  • im loving this old 2013-ish style edm man :D

  • U definitely released faster than it took to count votes in Nevada

    Nonetheless a splendid entry

  • :o so quick


  • Using a visual EQ, your decibel levels in the low range are super high, esp compared to the rest of your track. remember to use a quantum as your last effect before the FinalOutput (you know better! tsk tsk not good no bueno haha). Set it to post, and tweak your sounds until your waverform is more balanced. It seems to me that someone was a BIT too excited for ATDay and rushed lmao ;)

  • Love how the build up sounds, but the drop leaves something to be desired. Maybe that vocal sample could be louder, or perhaps a white noise sweep in the gap before the sounds come in would be good as well. You are getting much better at these! I like the bass, but it may be a bit heavy. After the drop, it sounds like the lead either has too much reverb, or the bass is overpowering it. Check your sounds and make sure they are not competing. also, nice use of the rasslebock