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Hell yeah. HELL YEAH. The release was supposed to be yesterday, but AT betrayed us and crashed XD. Anyways, we've been working on this fir quite a long while, and we're finally proud to be releasing it! As you can see, we fused both of our elements together in this track, which was really challenging, but worth it. We learnt a lot from each other, had so much fun, and we hope y'all like this track too!


sometimes, u gotta eat some asian food you know. also the random thought of naming this chicken white was due to the sample "Ji Bai" and if u go a translate chicken and white by themselves to chinese u will get that. This word "Ji Bai" is actually a curse word in chinese which probs means (Pussy) but actually it doesn't mean anything.

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  • 100!!!!!!!!

  • Damn 1 more to 100 bruv ✊😔

  • Icy your voice did changed alot between 8 months

  • I just downlaoded this for no reason

  • I still can't believe Chicken White is your most popular track @SIREN . What in the actual fuck were we doing. We should make more Hybrid trap >:)

  • Ayeeee throwback to this massive success of a collab

  • refav

  • please help to report @JUANDJ2006 he has come to the really really, very fcking stupid idea of "remixing" Chicken White. And by that I mean straight up stealing the track. You picked on the wrong gang son, WRONG GANG. YOU FACING THE ASIAN AT GANG.

    go show him some *love* on his *totally original track*

    29 more
  • REfavoooooooo (chords still need work)

    • They need to be Thicker and more mid/low heavy imo

    • How so? And which parts hahaha

  • Whooooa! This is amazing you guys!!!

    • ayyy thanks!!!!! i guess this track still isn't dead XD

  • this is really really cool tbh

  • I can't believe this is still on the charts

    it's number 5 now, but still god damn

    • It is hard tho

    • lmao

      *flashbacks to when I thought it would be DAMN HARD to chart in Bass Music*

      - collabs with SIREN, shitposts a rickroll and fcking charts XD

  • the vocal is fucking sidechained

    • i can tell it was only in that part but its killing me

    • we wanted it to be XD as weird as it is

  • 1.6 woohoo guess our combo aint too shabby for our first try XD

  • bro I forgot to comment. this slaps. I felt a hint of monxx flow in this