So uhh, I love you guys :*

Enjoy <3

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  • If I fall in love with one more track, I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'm def smashing that fucking heart button

    clipping doe? that's a big difference in waveform ya got there >.<


    P.S. Is any of this live recorded via MIDI? Perhaps keyboard?

    • Some tracks definitely pull it off well, I certainly don’t dislike when people do it when it’s done well :) I agree though, taking the easy way out can make a great idea bland

    • hey man dont hate on the copy and paste lol ;D Sometimes the universe has a funny way of stitching things together in such a way that ends up being just right :)

      but ultimately I get what you mean. One must resist taking the easy way out

    • Thank you so much! <3 I tried focusing heavily on the dynamic range in this, but the drums do clip, I might revisit that actually. And I apologize for the length, I run out of ideas and hate just copy and pasting drops and such :/ And lastly, I don’t remember fully but I don’t believe so, I’d have to look in the draft :)


  • We would like this to be in a podcast! Is that okay with you?

  • I absolutely love the name XD

  • #1 chart!!!!

  • Absolutely awesome :)

  • fire, keep it up

  • those melodic perky synths are addicting

  • Damn i missed this, i likey

  • So smooth *-* I wish I had your talent..

  • interesting :)

  • Like, Diamonds in a 2m² opal with a pure gold coating

  • pure gold as always

  • I appreciate all the love on this guys, I actually spent a little time on this and tried not to rush like a lot of my recent tracks here, very promising to see you all still enjoy my tunes as much as I enjoy yours <3

  • Love your music! :)