*deep breath* Wow, how do I even describe this one...

Well, it all started when CeRiXyn said he wanted to do a prog house track, and I'm like, "Yeah dude I'll totally do that!" We exchanged ideas and like every time I work with this dude our styles merge and evolve into this hybrid beauty of a project that gets more and more fun to work on as time goes on. We literally spent at LEAST 6 hours on day 1 of this track, and at least 4 hours on day 2, and we almost gave up twice along the way. Despite the roadblocks, we managed to create something that we are not only proud of, but also we feel that it represents an emotion that we feel within ourselves when we write something that we love. You know, those, "for yourself" type of projects? Thanks to Audiotool, we can share this feeling with all of you. I, for one, love working with this artist and hope for many more projects in the future.

As always, Stay classy San Fran!

-<3 Zir0h

Jeez Zir0h Jeez, Well idk what to say, imma just say this was out of my style range, i had to adjust a little, And i think it's pretty easy to tell who did what lol or rather, who focused more on what. Welp, I hope you like... like always! And don't forget feedback lads! (Ziroh has a cool catch phrase and i dont (but Zir0h still thinks CeRiXyn is cool anyway) ;D

:T -Cerix


Song Specs Brought to you by cerix:

Time Spent: 2 Days

Lag Level: (Ram) 2GB:High 4GB:Tolerable 6+:Little-non


2 Basses(2 Subs[50% Space,50% Pulv])

4 Chord Synths (2 Saws, 1 pad, 1 piano [75% Heis, 25% space)

1 Lead (Screaming synth[Heis])

1 Arp [Heis]

2 Extras (Ambience:Chimes, Build/noise [100% Pulv])

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  • 1000th listen and 100th comment wow.

    Fr though, this is really cool! You guys did good

    • Damn, that sucks

    • I want to do more with this artist but they won't return my messages :c

  • this is crazy, the way u mix ur styles. i love this so, so much. cant get over how good it sounds!

  • I only just now saw this. I say sir. P O G C H A M P S

    • Lol gosh well thanks for listening! I'm glad you liked it

  • pog

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  • Sounds nice. I like the pads and the arps. I think the kick could use a little more punch/thickness. Some sounds sound washed out because of the reverb, but it might be because of the mostly stereo bass. I'm listening on headphones, so I don't know for sure what it sounds like on speakers. Nice stuff

    • you're probably right. it's probably the reverb or stereo bass

  • NO the plays on this is cursed >:(

    • Omg I hadn't noticed that . Quick, someone listen to it again! XD

  • Idk but this is soulful music and it just makes me a little less Antisocial, Thanks for the support yall!

    • Lol sure thing I'm glad it made you feel better!

  • very nice ;-)

  • aw man i wanted to download this its fine

  • lol but this is great!

  • Wahhh I love this!!! Sonds really good, I see I have a lot to work on xD. Thanks for the inspiration btw, your work it's awesome

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  • I love how Zir0h wrote an entire story here

    While Cero's basically just like "Hope u like it"

    • *me realizing that people still don't proofread their shit

    • you actually typed that, Cer! I thought you did it on purpose so I just kept it lol

    • *me realizing it says likey like

  • Woahhhh charts! Nice!!! You guys deserve it, it is a beautifully made song! :D

  • Wow!!! Like I AM @ SPACE!!!

  • It charted guys horray! :)

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