Couldn't really think of a name :3 Hope you enjoy anyway!

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  • Ummm..... .... ... interesting....

  • That forest image btw :p I can imagine Slenderman in there :p

  • OMG reeeaaally pretty! It's so abstract and so..... real.... I don't know. it's so amazing! The dialogue is kinda strange though, it sounds like she's singing some other song. Maybe some other speaking dialogue? Just small ideas, THIS IS SO AMAZING!

  • Just published it

  • No thats cool man :)

  • Mind if I take a stab at this?

  • Cheers Kepz :) Good to hear from you!

  • wow and really good track overall!!!

  • nice synth!

  • Man, I hate not being able to keep up with others music. The jury's out on the voices for me. Just not sure. They seem OK, but then there's something about them.

  • Thanks you everyone! @Cripta yea the voice is rhythmically incorrect, sounds a bit weird but I just used it as a filler haha :)

  • so cool!

  • great soundscape!

  • this is very nice :)