footor base boi make dubstep haha. lmao this collab was dope. got to learn a ton from these guys


This collab was p fun we all contributed to this track and created to what it is today this is one of the biggist songs i ever did and my first time using vocals. I learned alot these ppl are insane they just kept adding stuff i had to use other drafts and import it so i can actually help cuz i have a chromebook and i had only 1 fps. I hope you guys like the song just asmuch as i do

-Vault Boy



As u can see by the size of our project this took a lot of work. really hope u enjoy and i really hope i get one of those face masks

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  • The change in key on the drop bothers me when it doesn't hit the original key at some point. Really nice though :D

  • bro this snapshot looks so small now

    • I'm talking about the kids who think it's cool to have large drafts lol

    • well you kinda need massive drafts to be able to create such intricate sounds especially in dubstep. i never did it bc it was a "trend". i did it bc i wanted to make good music

    • I wanted more complicated sounds, but it turned into a trend

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  • Holy shit refav

    Now that im listening to this again i think that snare in the 2nd drop needs to be turned up a lot LMAO

    But dam

    Memories mann

    • nah bc that shit is engrained in my mind. he literally said "okay astrel - before its too late...oh. alright." as he like clearly forced himself to look like he was enjoying it. then this bro said "is this a troll?" i was so mad. havent watched that youtuber since bc im salty

    • sometimes i forget how ruthless bass music artists are when it comes to constructive criticism lol

    • well. lucky for u, my upcoming ep is largely melodic dubstep and future bass ;)

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  • I genuinely forget this existed LOL

    But now that I hear this again, the master mix down feels a bit weird

  • VB's message was so inspiring

  • verry nice 😄👍

  • also @Client why isn't there a cover pic lmao. This track is amazing and yall didn't make one

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  • Also tf am i acting all innocent and pure for the bio

  • this is so big that my potato pc crashed bruh

  • a year old jeez

    • and still one of the best tracks on audiotool in my opinion!

  • I always wondered none of you're computers didn't blow up.


  • thats some HELL to render.

    • Lucky mf

    • It never crashed for me though lmao

    • it took like an hour everytime we tried. it also crashed a lot

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  • wowow