So i started working on this track several months ago but kind of got stuck on making growls and forgot about it. It just sat for weeks. Then I realized I could get my buddies in this track. Client instantly came to mind Bc he is one of the most talented bass designers I know. Then vault boy. I didn’t really want him on the track. Jk. Vaulty, also a super talented guy contributed so much to the song. A few weeks later we had created a masterpiece. We never really intended to submit this track for this home office challenge. However about a week ago we decided why not. So at that moment we decided to rush and get it finished. And now here we are. I hope u enjoy our song :slight_smile: stay safe! <3


This collab was p fun we all contributed to this track and created to what it is today this is one of the biggist songs i ever did and my first time using vocals. I learned alot these ppl are insane they just kept adding stuff i had to use other drafts and import it so i can actually help cuz i have a chromebook and i had only 1 fps. I hope you guys like the song just asmuch as i do

-Vault Boy



As u can see by the size of our project this took a lot of work. really hope u enjoy and i really hope i get one of those face masks

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