It is time for the battle that will determine your fate. Will you escape, or will you perish?

~[Boss Information]~

Odera is a very strange and unique entity among the ranks of the astral plane. Because of this, he is not very well respected by the community.


Odera is the type of person who lives in their own world on a completely different rhythm, but he does not stray from his duties as an overseer.


Odera's origins are unknown, but he claims to have originated from the edge of the astral plane, and is rumored to be more tied to the physical plane than to the astral plane.


Likes: Rocks, Outer space, Physical Entities, Praise, Astral Entities (Odera has a fascination with the astral plane)

Dislikes: To be resented, The void


Abilities: Comet & Asteroid manipulation (he can only summon them from physically from outer space) Aurora Manipulation (fights with aurora borealis based attacks)

Odera is also very physically strong and quick, and has a lackluster, but spontaneous fighting style.


[LOOP START: 02:16 | Alternate Title: The Diminished Overseer]

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