Cover of track Revelation [Collab W/ Bloodless] by June!
  • about 2 years ago
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Bloodless, June!, Revelation [Collab W/ Bloodless]


This is still not even close to being done, but I'd like some feedback on what we've got here now. For anyone wondering what the vocal samples are, I made them in Vocaloid 4 Editor. Also, I'm gonna have to get to a faster computer if I want to work on this anymore...

PS: go follow @Bloodless he's a really underated AT artist show him some love plz

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    about 2 years ago

    Nice Track :) Really

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    about 2 years ago

    ok - serious noob question here: howdafuq do you do that @"somebody's name" thing and make it into a hyperlink to their page?

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