spent a month or so getting this together. Pretty slow going but it's great to get some stuff finished again.

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  • You can put this on any Café del Mar playlist so chill

  • nicley done just radiates good vibes

  • this is amazing

  • Beautiful soft, and clean

  • Also, just look at that snapshot. Like wth, the music compared to the quality of the pic is like comparing jacksepticeye's camera to pewdiepie's

    • This is one of my less messy projects lol

    • No i was referring to the snapshot of ur synths, the pic is so stylsmish i luv it xD

    • Or are yoy talking about the actual picture? Yeah it's pretty low res but i don't have the luxury of high res when it comes to photos of earth from the moon lol.

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  • Yo know, this track is taking my focus off from them stealing trap kids to just people like you who male decent music. I hate you for making me cry, idk why but the track is so melancholic xD T^T

    • true, chords are really powerful in giving emotion to a track. If those chords were just your typical triads, I wouldn't be crying xD

    • 9th chords my dude

  • You genius

  • Beautiful!

  • E :P yeeet

  • Beautiful

  • Gorgeous <3

  • w o o o o w w goddamn


  • so amazing <3

  • \o/