bige boi


Vaultboy x G3ar_bot x Biol!nk x Stormdrain x TheClient x Siren x Prismarine X JoVee?


TheClient is posting it, I gave him permission - Vault boy


It is unfinished, but we are posting it because its way too large, and we want to know what it sounds like without lag, we will finish this!!!! - TheClient.


A couple years late, but it's finished. lol -Storm


Melody/lead/Reese/drums/growls/Mixing - TheClient


Chords/bass/DropLead/Mixing - Stormdrain


Drums/growls/lead/background - Vaultboy


Growls/effects/Mixing? - Siren


Chords/Buildup/effects/Mixing - Virus Machine


Unknown - BioL!nk


synthwork - Prismane

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  • Republished

    Remember guys? This was cute. lol

  • I remember when this was big LOL

    • nostalgia

    • this is now a little baby compared to what we make now lmfao

  • I remember this

  • we should try to finish this lol I don't know why I want to know

  • Is this ever gonna get finished?

  • ._. Dang. Needs some mixing fixes but otherwise the idea is super dope

  • How did yall even hear enough to make this? lol my shit starts lagging after i automate a few synths

    • lol

    • We eventually just left it to Client to finish it because most of us couldn’t hear it, and poor Vault was on a chromebook

  • i fucking love this track

    one thing i dont like is how underwhelming the drop is for me

    try to make something more booming and eye catching

    besides that, i fw this hard

  • My room is demolished, thanks

  • Holy mother of god, this is massive, but its really good! Maybe audiotool's staff will fix the lag for this so you guys can finish it

    • one can only hope

    • But thanks!

    • I dont think that'll happen, because its our computers that are the problem, and also audiotool is a bit unreliable with large drafts

  • that snapshot is absurd

  • dang

  • this is sick

    needs more sub tho, its pretty thin rn

    • It's literally so massive you can't really even hear it even when you have everything else muted.

    • it doesn't work like that not at least for this song its the long wiring

    • But if it's very laggy on your computer then just mute devices individually so it doesn't lag.

    2 more
  • Shld i do a hybrid part if my computer can run this shit?

  • why wasn't i a part of this ?

    • bro i've been doing bass music for years

    • some ppl were not invited cuz we forgot to and I didnt even know u made bass music lol