First of all huge shout out to the audiotool day team!

Since the rules are very strict regarding sampling here is what I have to say for myself:

I used a snare oneshot that I created in another draft. I will most likely publish the template, maybe with a little tutorial.

The kick is a kick a generic kick oneshot so…

Same for my hihat oneshot.

I used the beloved lyn collin “think break” as additional percussion. It’s rather in the background.

I used percussion and hats from another draft, highpassed and resampled it as a top loop. Just as background percussion.

I used field recorded nature sounds.

I used a text to speech bot that is reading out a quote from Nick Land’s “Meltdown”

Some risers, an impact, a dub chord stab and a reversed crash where used. I got those royalty free and Audiotool approved samples from the sample pool. I encourage everyone to check those sample, they are really nice and provided for free from new loops. All samples where processed in some way.

Everything else was created in audiotool!

I also attempted to do some mastering inside the DAW and I think it came out quite good. I might publish a template and tutorial for that as well.

Thanks for reading all the way thru lol. Please note I did this in like 3 days since the deadline is really close, so some ideas are kinda thrown together. Maybe I’ll redo the track when the contest is over.

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  • Reminds me of @oedipax from back in the day!!

    That industrial neurofunk

  • 666 plays

  • awesome

  • Already a throwback

  • face melting

  • im not normally a fan of DnB but this is friggin awesome

  • dont know how i missed this, SO heavy!!

  • A little repetitive, but still awesome

  • you're becoming one of my very favorite artists on audiotool


  • man, that intro / part before the drop pumps you up. nasty

  • proper neuro

  • This is an amazing track man. Love every sound of it. The drums are amazing. Snare is heavy, but fits the track very well. Only thing I would do different is more velocity modifying on the hats. Especially the 16th's.

    But non the less a beast of a track...

    This is one hell of a suprise as a first listen after more then 6 months

  • Holy

  • I'm downloading the fuck out of this!