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Hmmm. Oi. Hello. (Old Account Linked Below) Im OutOfBounds, aka OOB or some people used to call me boundless cuz they thought it sounded cool lol.
I make apparently "good" music and hopefully ill make some tunes that will help you think, "Its not shit."
Here are some inspirations of mine:
@Vulkron (High Elf)
@Tim Derry
Here are some other people whos music I like:
@Alko Knows Its Too Early
@Flow is santa man
@Joshua 21247
@zEPHRiX's Archive
Favorite Video Games:
Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3
Legend of Zelda (Any Legend of Zelda game)
Metroid (Any metroid game)
Also heres my old account. Its gotta some pretty crappy songs on it but some people actually enjoy it so ye.
@Boundless (new account)

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