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French, 22. I like to paint with sounds :)
My little AT story - since 2012

Back when I was a young teenager, I used to read a nerd magazine (Science & Vie Junior). One day, they introduced AT, giving few tips for your first track (didn't help for more than 5mins tbh). I had already been playing the classical guitar for 4 years back then, and needed something groovier to bounce. Here I was, creating my 1st account, joyfully experiencing the golden age of untrustworthy samples on AT, having a tie (yet unhealthy) relationship with the Rasselbock, facing the challenge of sound designing a pulv that wouldn't remind a slaughtered pig, and proudly attaching 3-pixel Google images to my tracks as any reasonable cool deejay boi would do. My English was poor, so I couldn't understand ½ of the device features. And I had no idea about what genre I liked. Later, I would discover that 'everything' is a fairly nice genre. Anyway, this was actually a blessing, because I experimented so much more than if had been trapped into some specific genre.

During 4 years, I met nice people around the world despite the language barrier. In 2015, I created a 2nd account for an ambitious artistic/entrepreneurial project with some friends. This was a huge fail, and a harsh reassessment of the place of creativity and art in my life path. Eventually, I dropped AT, the guitar, but also drawing and painting.

This creativity slump lasted until the first lockdown. I was stuck abroad, and my roommate introduced me again to the guitar. This triggered in me a long-burried desire to express my creativity. Here we go again, 3rd account.

It's good to be back to create again some weird stuff on AT :) Thx for reading, love you guys <3

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