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I'm a 19 year old male @ 6' and ~153lbs.
I can sing!
My favorite genre is future melodic dubstep if that's even a thing... lol
My goal is to become the most emotive mixer in AT.
I have an empty account for my main songs haha: @I_am_DJ .
I don't mind if you spam my wall! ;)
I only follow 12 people because I want to be able to keep up with them, so if I follow you, you're pretty special! These are the accounts that I follow and why:
@Infyuthsion because I want to support AT's biggest artist.
@okin because he is caring enough to be the first person to notice my existence.
@Jetdarc because I love the videogame soundtracks and lore behind them.
@CeRiXyn because he is my first follower!
@Client because I have learned a lot from his sound design experiments.
@MILXN✔️ because his mixing is quite professional.
@dkwise because he is a friend irl.
@donttreadonmo because he is a friend irl.
@mindGreNaDe because he is a friend irl.
@SYNRGY(hiatus) because he won my first remix comp!
@100followerremixcompwinner tbd
@1000followerremixcompwinner tbd
Shoutout to some talented musicians:
@RevøLight (Busy :( )
@MysT[iK] {A.l.}
@Guac {very underrated :/ }
I would appreciate any feedback you could possibly have on how to improve, but if you write on my wall or comment on my tracks and albums, please keep it clean. Thanks! - @DtripleJ

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