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I no longer create music on Audiotool, but I experimented with it a lot and it was an interesting adventure for me. Right now I'm busy working on a second album with my rock/metal/idk band, Draw The Melody. If you are interested, our first album is available on most musical platforms.

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  • Audiofool

  • Thank you all for the positive feedback! I wasn't expecting this much activity

  • Audiofool lol


  • loving the name, thanks Snowfire

  • Welcome to Audiotool, I can definitely tell you've got some skills as far as actually putting together a song go, even though you are new and still learning the program and all. Once you've learned more about sound design and the general fundamentals of making a full track, I bet you'll blow up and get pretty big on here.

    • Yeah man, I remember people doing the same for me when I was younger so I like to spread the love I guess.

    • look at Snowfire being inspirational