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Yo, it's me
--Here's a bit of background info--
My real name is Julius Hill (I used my real name when I first started making music so you may see some people referring to me with my real name) and I do somewhat have experience in music. I am 17 years old and I started making music roughly 3 years ago on soundtrap. It was a cool place for me to start out, but then I discovered audiotool later and here I am. My mom has experience in chorus, piano, and a bit of music theory and my dad is an avid listener of music with a huge huge library of songs saved to his computer. My very first experience with music was when my dad bought me a cheap red keyboard, which I would play around with. I've never been very good at playing any instruments though.
I currently have very little knowledge of music theory, I only know the keys and some chords, but i'm still learning. I'm self-taught using youtube tutorials and most of my music I do by ear. I get my inspiration from video game OSTs (#1-kirby, #2-undertale, #3-sonic, etc.), some producers on audiotool, and a bunch of producers from soundcloud. I use FL Studio too, so there may be periods when i'm inactive on audiotool and using FL instead.
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HUGE Shoutout to @chryon for being the winner of my first remix competition!!! Check him out, give him some support!!
Shoutout to @SlimK!lla for making second place, and to @Donny for making third! Trust me, they are definitely worth checking out!!

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