- hm

- i will maybe edit it a bit later


- the first (failed) attempt: Jetdarc's 300 Follower Remix [failed attempt]

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  • Republished

    really small edit (i removed a single kick :D)

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  • heat

  • umm unless jesus decides to like come down from heaven real quick and drops some fucking mind blowing shit then yeah you won. the sound design in this is outstanding

  • Fuck...We lost. All of us. The whole community. We've been retired. Pack your bags, kids.

    Retro fucking murdered us. XD

    • This Remix >>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanos on a good Day

  • i want that snare lmao

  • oooh

  • FUUUUUUUCK I LOOOOOOOOOOST!!!! there's no way around it your sound design is better

  • damn this is hot

  • your on some other level

  • i swear to god is this navor

  • God dammit you did it again

    I love it

  • i am salivating over the wubs. :P

  • this is mad duuude

  • see now if there was no vibrato/detune on that arp at @ 1:00 it would've sounded annoying af

    boy knows what he's doin

  • shit man this hits