i'm using this for a game im creating so imma keep download on.

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  • i completely forgot i was making a gmae

    • xD i forgot about its existence so i doubt imma continue it

    • You're making a game!?

      I'd totally play it when it's finished!

  • did you make the game

  • Woah that's some quality stuff right there

  • Holy shit, this is great. :o

  • Amazing work, this sounds perfect for a game! That's so cool that you're making one!!! ... Would you still like me to make that theme song I was talking about dedicating to you?

  • are u still makeing that game becuase i want to help

  • U stole the chord progression

  • Apollo is a god in Greek mythology, son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis. He is the god of healing, medicine, archery, music, poetry and the sun. He also is a god of prophecy.

    • However, Artemis seems nice, according to her origins.

    • I personally despise Zeus, because he doesn't treat the ladies nice.

    • Artemis and Hecate, are actually completely different goddesses, but share similar origins.

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  • I'm actually related to Nyx, and Hecate, so..

  • btw i has 0 clue what apolla even means xD

    • xDD thx i should have look it up

    • By the way I looked that up because I didnt know what that was either

    • Well Apolla are dance socks- Apolla Performance Wear features revolutionary dance shocks with superior arch support, ankle stability, energy absorption, and refreshable traction.

  • Bro epic track, great for a game! I would love to know more about this game your making!

    • I understand games take time bro

    • Aight i'll tell you. Its great the controls Most deffinatly work :D (cries inside) i don't even have all the controls done yet...

  • Apollo, but genderswap?

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  • stereo madness

    it’s fucking stereo madness from geometry dash

  • where da crusher effect?

  • dan this needs mixing. welp mmmbbbbb